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ITSA | Inter-Translations SA
ITSA | Inter-Translations SA
Getting your message across.
      Whatever the language.
Connecting worlds for you – since 1974

Getting your message across. Whatever the language.

Our values are based on this credo and set the guidelines by which we work every day. These values allow us to look to the future, without forgetting the past. Values, such as transparency, individual responsibility and sustainability. Visitors seeking insight into our services and the underlying philosophy, will find it in this section.


ITSA team

Our 10 permanent employees ensure your projects are implemented flawlessly.

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Vision, mission statement, values

Our vision and our mission statement are based on our values. Values that guide us in our daily work.

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Company history since 1974

The historical, the funny and the strange: Much can happen – whether by design or accident – over the course of 40 years. Facts, dates and figures, all seasoned with a sprinkling of humour.

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