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ITSA | Inter-Translations SA
ITSA | Inter-Translations SA
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Connecting worlds for you – since 1974

Company history

4 July 1974: Establishment of 'Inter-Translations SA' translation company

Establishment of the company "Inter-Translations SA Dr. Pierre R. Zaugg, Translations in 44 Languages". An interesting fact: The office had already been in existence several years earlier, but had been run by Dr. Zaugg as a PR office. Its transformation into a translation agency only took place in 1974 since there was a greater demand for translations than PR then due to the prevailing financial crisis.

The digital age was ushered in at ITSA in 1986

The purchase of the first computer already served to usher in the digital age at ITSA in the mid-eighties. What is common today, was then still a real (and above all a costly) rarity.

31 January 1989

Company management takeover by Danielle Cesarov-Zaugg.


SQS certification to ISO 9002; the first translation company in Europe to achieve this certification.


ITSA leaves its first traces on the internet and from then on uses this medium extensively for communication and research, to exchange data and to establish new networks. According to the recollections of those present, internal cries of jubilation were said to have broken out after the successful transmission of every email.


Expansion of services: ITSA continuously extends its traditional range of services with various complementary services: TMS (translation memory systems), multimedia, consulting and interpreting are new additions.


ITSA's 30th anniversary is celebrated with a large party at the 'Innere Enge' in Bern with 200 invited guests. Highlight: The members of ITSA cover the song "YMCA" by the Village People. The videotape of this extraordinary performance was (fortunately) stolen and (fortunately also) remains missing down to this day.


Thirty-third anniversary celebration held in the ‘Stufenbau’ in Ittigen. The motto for this wacky 'repeated-digit' anniversary was "The more outlandish the better" and the party is still remembered very fondly by all those who participated.


A new corporate identity marks the 40th anniversary and transfer of management from Danielle Cesarov (Chairperson of the Supervisory Board). Filip Cesarov, Karin Grütter and Jürg Weber now follow in her footsteps and manage the business as a team. The former one-man company has today blossomed into a SME with ten permanent employees at its headquarters in Bern and around 200 external specialists (translators, interpreters, language teachers and DTP specialists).