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ITSA | Inter-Translations SA
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Interpreting is a matter of trust. That's why we only work with professionals.

ITSA liaison and conference interpreters are accustomed to keeping their cool and keeping things in perspective – even in fraught and difficult situations. Whether interpreting simultaneously or consecutively, our 'added ears' will render all of the spoken information unobtrusively and competently into the desired language. If desired, we can also organise all of the necessary technical equipment in the form of tour guide systems with receivers, headsets and a microphone, or even interpreter’s booths.

To help them prepare for the event, our interpreters will need to receive all of the documentation including speeches around two weeks in advance so they can study the material and become familiar with the respective subject field. Additional aids like glossaries, pictures and videos are a further welcome support.


Good planning is key

Discuss with us as early as possible how you intend to plan your event. Interpreting also demands concentration; an interpreter will need a break of 5 to 10 minutes per hour. A well-planned agenda with sufficient breaks can help you to avoid unnecessary interpreter costs.


Swiss German or standard German

Not all interpreters are proficient in Swiss German. Please let us know whether the speakers at your event will be speaking Swiss German or standard German; we will then reserve the appropriate linguists for you.


Speech rate

Ask the speakers to maintain a moderate rate of speech and to include short pauses whilst speaking. This will make work easier for the interpreter and, more importantly, will also increase the quality of the interpreted messages.