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ITSA | Inter-Translations SA

Competent, experienced, helpful: The ITSA Team remains at your service

Our 10 permanent employees will ensure that your projects are implemented flawlessly. They act as the interface between you and our translators and will advise you competently and efficiently in all language-related matters.

Danielle Cesarov-Zaugg: Chairperson of the Supervisory Board

Danielle Cesarov-Zaugg

As Chairperson of the Supervisory Board, Danielle Cesarov-Zaugg strives to represent ITSA externally and maintain extremely close contact with our clients. Because such liaison is the only way of really identifying where improvements are necessary, and if they are effective subsequently. No journey is too long, nor any hurdle too high to fulfil this mission.

And despite the steadily rising number of kilometres that she travels yearly, she remains ever-present, in the loop, and, thanks to her good grasp of situations, active at various levels from the JCI to the Rotary Club and to NGOs. It's an ability that cannot be learnt, which makes her apply it with even greater passion.

Karin Grütter: Management member / Project management

Karin Grütter

Two salient qualities reflect her manner: A structured approach in her work that never dispenses with the human touch. As a management team member she places great store on dealing with jobs in a customer-focused and personal manner and, even when things get busy, never loses sight of her objective. It's an admirable balancing act that only a few manage to pull off; anyone who knows how to spot such a rare talent among their ranks will be all the more happier.

She also participates actively in the BPW Club Bern, which acts on behalf of working women, and is a member of the Council of the Revor Collective Foundation, a pension fund for SMEs.

Jürg Weber: Management member / Project management

Jürg Weber

As a qualified translator he is well acquainted with the practical needs that can arise during the course of a translator's work. But as a management member and long-standing project manager at ITSA, he can also empathise with the quandaries and dilemmas that our clients regularly find themselves in. His strength lies in being able to find the right balance and making informed decisions in the interests of everyone involved, even if his favourite team hasn't come up trumps over the weekend. Which, luckily, is a rare occurrence.

Filip Cesarov: Management member / Web design

Filip Cesarov

Passion is part and parcel of his training. When it comes to our specialist for web design and the new media, his passion in recent years has extended far beyond that for his original job at ITSA; as a business administration graduate he now assists the management in strategic, marketing and administrative matters. A specialist as well as a generalist who manages to combine different skills in his work.

Ivana Makaloski: Accounting / Project management

Ivana Makaloski

It's a fact: Numbers are not to everyone's liking. While some may succumb to numerical burnout when faced with completing their tax return, as the person in charge of our accounting department that's precisely when Ivana Makaloski gets into her stride.

And with her additional role as project manager, she proves that multitasking really is a distinctly feminine trait.

Manuel Durand: Project management

Having joined ITSA from the world of advertising, Manuel has personal experience of the exacting requirements of marketing departments and agencies and knows just how important details and linguistic nuances can be for maximum advertising impact. Entirely in keeping with the motto "Actions speak louder than words", he is also actively involved in marketing at ITSA. His meticulous and patient nature is not a coincidence though; as a passionate hobby gardener, it’s also the secret to his success.

Marianne Brezing: Project management

"Thank God it's Friday!" – in view of Marianne Brezing's fondness for Freitag bags this statement takes on a different meaning for her than it does for 99.9% of other employees in the country. Her penchant for style and design however also finds expression in matters relating to interior design and photography, two further passions that she has. And since we are already on the topic of passion: where many of us decline or falter when it comes to sporting activities, this is where Marianne really comes into her own. Jogging, cycling, swimming – her energy seems to be boundless.
It is this very juxtaposition of dynamism and aesthetic sensibility that also portrays Marianne's working day: highly proficient language skills (mother tongue: French / working language: German) allied with a keen eye for linguistic subtleties. A combination that will also benefit your projects twofold!

Maria Vitale: Project management

Born and bred in Basel, and yet attended an Italian primary school since her parents still nurtured a dream of one day returning to la bella Italia. It all provided the perfect conditions for a multicultural environment – a love of languages and different cultures naturally already blossomed at an early age. Possessing highly-developed organisational skills, experience in editing Italian texts and a keen understanding of what of our customers expect, she knows what's what when it comes to translations.

Vanessa Benz: Project management

Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador: these aren't the next holiday destinations Vanessa wants to cross off her list, but are actually the countries she grew up in bilingually (Spanish/German) as the daughter of a seafaring captain. When it comes to her work though, her compass needle tends to swing principally towards the English language. As a passionate linguist (she studied linguistics in North America and is a trained translator and interpreter), she casts a critical eye over English translations and asks pivotal questions like "why has this been written in this way?" and "how does that work?" in her scrutiny of syntax and word choice. She mostly tends to find her answers in linguistic reference books that practically tower up to the ceiling in her home – to the complete consternation of her husband.