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Cost benefits and consistent translations – all thanks to translation memory systems

The idea behind a translation memory system (TMS) is very simple: translations that have already been completed once are stored in a database; these can then be reused by the translator at a later stage. Texts that contain large amounts of repetition, require frequent revision or share similarities with existing texts, such as technical manuals, catalogues, etc., are particularly suitable for use with TMSs. In addition to a cost advantage you will also benefit from an improved consistency in translation, faster turnaround times and the option of translating texts in layout formats, such as InDesign, with greater ease.


It's never too late

The use of a TMS always pays dividends. Existing texts from previous translations can be imported into translation memories to make these available to translators during subsequent translation assignments.


Consistent terminology

Continual harmonisation with a translation memory will endow your texts with consistently-applied terminology and support you in compiling a corporate language.


Faster turnaround times

High levels of repetition will result in commensurately shorter turnaround times for a translation. This will allow you to respond faster and more flexibly in the market.