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ITSA – also for when translation alone isn't enough

Translations are frequently not just an isolated processes, but rather an integral part of comprehensive and complex production processes. Kill two birds with one stone! ITSA is able to combine some of these processes directly with that of translation, thus helping to avoid unnecessary additional expense with regard to time and resources. We can support you over the long term and efficiently in the following areas:


Desktop publishing

Language replacement directly in a given layout format: We will work in your source files and return these in their original format, but in the foreign language of your choice. Moreover, we can also log onto your server to undertake translations directly in your content management system.

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Website translation

Much more than just a business card: a company's website says a lot about that company. Credible and compelling translations are therefore an absolute must. Whether exported as text or completed directly in your CMS – we will translate your texts so that your products and services can be found as easily as possible online.

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Translation memories

Small tool, wide-ranging impact: the use of a translation memory system can pay excellent dividends for texts containing a large amount of repetition. Apart from achieving cost savings, you will also benefit from improved consistency in your translations and faster turnaround times.

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