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For promotional copy that works

ITSA's professional translators will not only render the content correctly, but will also localise the text to the culture of the target group. It's the only approach that will truly address the specific cultural traits of the target group. And it is only when advertising speaks the customer’s language that it delivers its intended impact and persuades him or her to act. ITSA contracts specially trained professional translators who are also able to draft promotional copy. They will ensure that quotations, idiomatic expressions and metaphors are not used literally, but in an accurate and memorable way that reflects their meaning; in a way that reflects the linguistic flow of the language and region and gives the reader the impression of reading a text that has been written in their mother tongue.


Advance planning really is invaluable

If you are planning extensive advertising campaigns, it is wise to discuss these with us as early as possible to ensure that metaphors, proverbs and plays on words are at all transferable into different languages to avoid having to rethink the entire campaign.


Localisation of advertising claims and slogans

When it comes to advertising claims and slogans, the subtleties of personal preference can frequently be decisive. Wherever possible our specialist advertising translators will always provide several alternatives from which can choose. Your preference is the ultimate arbiter!


Time is money

If you require promotional and advertising copy, adequate time is of the essence. The longer the return deadline, the higher the quality of texts will be, and the more refined the message. That's why it makes sense to allow sufficient time for the translation of promotional and advertising copy. You won't regret it!

If your product isn't budget priced, then your translation shouldn't be either

When reading poor translations, potential customers won't question your cost-saving priorities, but they might begin to question your product. Allow us to show you how your documents and texts can be translated efficiently and cost-effectively, without compromising on quality.