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Cut-price translations of instructions for use can turn out to be extremely costly

Remember: Customers will draw conclusions about a product from the quality of the Instructions for use you provide. That's why high-quality products also deserve to have flawless, high-quality professional translations. Our translators have in-depth technical knowledge, will be able to understand how your product operates and also know how to interpret plans and technical drawings. All of these facets and skills will help to produce better translations and therefore also help users: Clear, understandable instructions without convoluted sentences or scope for misinterpretations.


Language replacement directly within document layouts

Your multilingual Instructions for use can be produced efficiently and cost effectively in partnership with ITSA: Write the source document in your first language. We will translate the texts into the required target languages and then replace the source text directly within your document. This allows all of the formatting, drawings and diagrams to be retained.


Text length is important

Latin-based languages will generally be between 15 and 20 percent greater in their text volume than German; this will frequently necessitate subsequent shortenings and consequently more work. For translations into French, Italian or Spanish, ensure that you therefore leave sufficient space in your layout when drafting the source document in order to avoid this expense.


Standardised texts are worth the effort

Wherever possible, make use of the same text blocks in the preparation of your source text. This will help to avoid misinterpretations and may even allow you to achieve leverage in the translation process: The more standard phrases and text blocks your text contains, the greater the likelihood that our translation memory systems will recognise these as repetitions. This will save you time and money.