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Efficient translations of multilingual websites

ITSA's specialist translators will ensure that your products and services stand out online – with websites in the languages of potential customers.

Good products are purchased not only in Switzerland: In many fields, we now talk of a European or a global market. This can make it worthwhile to offer websites or e-newsletters in several languages, provided they have been professionally translated and designed to be appealing to human readers, but also optimised for search engines. Inter-Translations SA will help you to maximise and localise your online presence. Our multimedia section will assist you to design, construct and update your website. And, by working with our specialist technical translators, we can create localisations cost-effectively and efficiently in the desired languages.


Advance planning really is invaluable

Contact us as early as the planning stage if you are thinking about a new website. This will allow you to lay the right foundation from the outset to permit easy enlargement into a multilingual website at a later date – possibly saving time and money in the process.


Translations inserted directly in your CMS

Depending on the structure of a website, we can also translate texts directly within your content management system. This eliminates the time-consuming insertion of translated texts, giving you more time to concentrate on your core business.


Updating of websites

Depending on the updating requirements for your website, you should also consider the use of translation memory systems: Such systems allow databases and recurring multilingual text blocks to be created, managed and retrieved with clarity.