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Certified translations to satisfy official requirements

Certified translations are frequently called for when translations need to be submitted to public authorities and government agencies in Switzerland.

Here are some of the documents that frequently need to be translated and certified.

  • Civil status documents (birth, marriage and divorce certificates, official documents)
  • Immigration and emigration documents, naturalisation applications
  • Passports, visa certificates, confirmation of place of residence, extracts from the criminal records and from the debt recovery and enforcement register
  • School and employer's references, diplomas and certificates
  • Patents and contracts
  • Statutes, companies' register extracts

For most of the above documents a simple ITSA certification will normally suffice; here ITSA will certify to having carried out the translation correctly to the best of the company’s knowledge and belief.

Depending on the requirements of public authorities, some translations will also need to be notarised or even have an apostille by the state chancellery appended. Before sending us your document(s), please ascertain the requirements of the respective authority and then tell us which certification you need for your translation. For certification by the state chancellery it is also necessary to specify the country for which the apostille is required.