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ITSA | Inter-Translations SA
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Connecting worlds for you – since 1974

Our translations are rooted in tradition, but move with the times.

For over 40 years we have been renowned for the high quality of our translations and localisations. And it's no wonder, because our professional translators are not only excellent linguists. In addition to their linguistic training, each translator will also be conversant with a specialist subject area and be familiar with the current terminology. Inclusion of corporate language and regional variances where appropriate are just as much a part of a translator's work as the use of state-of-the-art communication methods and translation memory systems.


Selected with discernment

The glut of translators on the market is considerable; unfortunately, the same cannot always be said for the quality of their work. Our selection procedure for the recruitment of new technical translators is subject to strict criteria and is SQS certified. This process has been refined and developed continuously since 1994 to guarantee only first-rate translations will be delivered to you.


Translation aids

A freelance translator will briefly become an external member of staff in your company when translating on your behalf. The more translation tools, glossaries and reference materials you can provide, the more effectively your translator will be able to extract your corporate language and embed your in-house terminology in the finished translation.


Target audience

How should the translation be received by the audience? Will the text be spoken? Who will read the text or listen to it? Where and in what medium will the text be used? The more details you can provide us with, the more precisely we can formulate the text for the intended purpose.