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Each translator works exclusively in their specialist field

ITSA pays attention to quality: Next to their language training, our translators will also have a specific vocational qualification to ensure they also speak the language of your customers. Your specialist texts describe complex issues and make use of distinctive vocabularies. What's needed is more than excellent fluency: in-depth specialist knowledge and understanding are called for. That's why, in addition to their proven linguistic skills, all the specialist translators at ITSA have an additional qualification and/or several years of experience in at least one specialist field.

Specially trained professional translators will work on your behalf in the following fields

Advertising, marketing, PR
Brochures, direct marketing, documentation, presentations, advertisements, websites, media releases

Travel brochures, city, travel and hotel descriptions, excursion suggestions, sports and cultural events, gastronomy

Information technology
Manuals, software localisation, web CMS, online help, program descriptions, training courses, information technology

Manuals, instructions, media releases, presentations

Industry, technology
Operating manuals, machine and plant descriptions, control engineering

Construction, commerce
Calls for tenders, construction specifications, energy

Law, economics
Contracts, company reports, human resources, patents, licensing procedures, criminal and civil law

Banking, insurance
Annual reports, media releases, financial statements, accountancy, corporate profiles

Medicine, pharmaceutics Product information, technical information, surgical training, studies, expert opinions, training materials, laboratory technology

Quality assurance
Quality management systems, quality management certification

Job applications
Curricula vitae, employment testimonials

Politics, education, culture, social sciences

Leisure and lifestyle Fashion, jewellery, cosmetics, wellness, environment, sport, music, art


Advertising and promotional copy

This is work that extends beyond translation alone: ITSA's professional translators will not only render the content correctly, but also localise the text to the culture of the target group. Unconventional solutions are frequently required to help deliver the full impact of your message across the board.

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Instructions for use

We've all had a good laugh about blunders in translated “Instructions for use”. Such mistranslations might be amusing – but only for those who aren't affected by them; they are a real annoyance for your customers. ITSA will ensure that your Instructions for use are as good as your products. This is satisfying for customers – and leads to repeat purchases.

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Website translation

Translation directly within a CMS, search engine optimised and targeted: The translation of a website is fundamentally different from other types of text. That's why it pays to place your trust in the expertise of our specialists when it comes to the design and translation of multilingual websites. We will ensure that your products will be able to be found easily online.

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